Wooden Bed Frame Construction

Posted by Richard Hacker on 29/06/2018 in About Our Beds

Bed Frame Construction.

A centre support rail is a length of timber that runs from the centre of the head end of the bed to the centre of the foot end underneath the slats. It’s purpose is to stop the slats from bending from the weight of the mattress and the weight of the people on top of the mattress. It needs to be substantial, at least 35mm x 60 mm and ideally stress graded so that it wont break when under load. It needs to be located at each end with a solid fixing that will hold it securely and prevent any movement.
Any bed over 90 cm or 3 feet wide should have this rail. Unless the slats are a minimum of 30 mm or 1.25 inches in thickness they will eventually sag, and this can impact on the life of your mattress and your comfort.
Why we don’t use sprung slats.
This type of slat is notoriously prone to fail. Often the plastic clips that secure the ends split or become loose. If the bedroom is prone to moisture e.g. has an en suite bathroom then the slats can lose their spring and flatten out.
This is all bad news for your mattress and ultimately your comfort. All of our beds, over 3 foot, come with a centre support rail and all beds are fitted with flat wooden slats.
We go a step further with our slats. They are joined together with backing boards in sets. The backing boards are screwed and glued and this prevents any twisting or cupping of the slat. The gap between the slats is 25 mm and this is good news if you have a pocket sprung or foam mattress. It also ensure that the mattress can breath whilst still getting maximum support.
With the slats joined together it also makes fitting them a breeze with only 12 screws needed instead of up to 36. That makes a huge difference in the time it takes to assemble one of our wooden bed frames.

All of our bed frames except for the single 3 foot size have a centre support rail.

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All beds are supplied with closely spaced slats to give excellent support to the mattress.

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The frame is quickly assembled using the simple, strong fixings.

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The centre support rail is fixed at either end using a strong metal bracket

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