The Medway Inclined Bed


The Medway inclined bed

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Ideal for the smaller bedroom with limited headroom. The Medway is at home in a loft conversion with a sloping ceiling where the height of a headboard could be an issue. Simple design, low spacial impact, it is built to the same high standards as our other beds .
This bed has been designed to be used for inclined bed therapy.
It has a gentle 5 degree slope from the headboard end to the foot board.
The drop is 6 inches from the headboard to the foot board.
Just like all our handmade solid wooden beds made in Exeter, it has our water soluble eco friendly finishes.
We also offer a bare wood sanded finish for you to stain or paint yourself.
Gravity inclined inclined bed therapy can be beneficial to many conditions.
The bed will fit a standard mattress in all sizes from single to super king.
We can supply one of our handmade mattresses to fit the bed, to see our
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The foot board is raised to keep the mattress firmly in place and stop it slipping.
As with all our beds the selling price includes delivery so no hidden extra costs!

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Inclined bed therapy is where one’s bed is raised at the head end with a 5 degree downward slope. This can be useful in disorders such as spinal cord injury, back pain, acid reflux or GERD, sinus and respiratory disorders, sleep apnea, poor circulation.

Gravity inclined sleeping is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of sleeping on a flat surface, the bed is at an incline of 5 degrees. 

Gravity inclined sleeping also has numerous benefits on body structure. The slight incline is enough to restore the force of gravity on the body.

In westernized countries, there is an epidemic of sleep disorders. Sleeping on an inclined bed can help to open the airway, alleviating snoring and restoring oxygen to the brain.

It has been shown that a 5 degrees slope is the ideal incline for improved sleep.

Folding just the head of the bed up with an adjustable bed frame will not work, the entire bed has to be on a slope.

Hardly any bed manufacturers have embraced the idea of inclined beds and so, when we were recently contacted by a customer who asked us to make one, we decided to produce a range of affordable wooden inclined beds.

Our range of beds are all made with a 5 degree slope and have a foot board high enough to hold the mattress securely without slipping.

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Additional information

Bed Size

Single Bed, Small Double Bed, Standard Double Bed, King Size Bed, Super King Size Bed

Frame Colour

Dark Oak, Light Oak, Dove Grey, Whitewash, Clear Lacquer, Bare Wood Sanded Less £25.00

Bed sizeBed frame Length x WidthMattress Length x Width
Single (3 foot)1994 x 973 mm1900 x 900 mm
Small double (4 foot)1994 x 1273 mm1900 x 1200 mm
Standard double (4 ft 6 in)1994 x 1423 mm 1900 x 1350 mm
King size (5 foot)2094 x 1573 mm2000 x 1500 mm
Super King (6 foot)2094 x 1873 mm2000 x 1800 mm